Design / Front End 

  • Our in-house graphic designers can provide as much or as little guidance as you need to come up with the most modern, up-to-date sites.     

  • Extensive research done in A/B Testing (comparison testing) for us to come up with the most relevant, user-friendly user-interface for all of our online solutions.

  • Our clients can choose to have their site as complicated or as simple as they like.  Our team of graphic designers and copywriters offer the best solution possible for your budget.

Branding / Design 

  • We make sure that your company stands out and that your brand reflects your quality.   

  • We can create Web, print, and logo designs at a budget that fits your style.

  • We are versatile with our designs whether you are going for a clean corporate look to something with more impact that fits with the client’s genre, etc.

Integration / Backend 

  • With a team of highly skilled programmers, executives with extensive experience in fortune 500 internet companies, we are confident our software solutions are unparalelled.  

  • We can tie in the website with our proprietary order tracking system to provide you with an all in one solution that will automate nearly ALL operational tasks.  This helps keep your staff to a minimum, lowering payroll overhead.

  • All traffic data, purchase data, operational data are saved for later use in our performance monitor module.

Onine Marketing / Advertising

  • We are well versed in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can help your company higher on search rankings.  
  • We understand how google adwords/ adsense work and can tie it into your online marketing efforts.

  • Together with SEO, CPC Ads, Display Ads, we are able to offer a complete holistic solution to online marketing.

  • Analysis tools such as Google Analytics will be used to track performance of online marketing campaigns. 

  • We work with Online advertising professionals that cater to the largest of the Fortune 500 companies, with their extensive knowledge, we are confident we will be able to give you the large company advantage for your small business.

Ebay / Amazon

  • We are experts at working with Online Shopping networks such as EBAY and AMAZON.

  • We know what it takes to make your product appear higher on the search options.

  • We also have an in-depth knowledge of how ebayhg works and the advantages you have with ebay. 

  • Support is often a major issue with sites like Ebay and Amazon, as large sellers on Ebay, we have our dedicated Ebay representative to resolve all of our clients' issues on a personal basis. This allows the client to deal with us a one source contact in case anything arises.










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