• ImportLA has a great R&D team to help you develop new products and/or improve existing products.

  • Existing projects: Technology/tooling transfer, pilot builds, production qualification and mass production startup.

  • Project management for new projects and transferring technology on existing projects.

Searching / Communicating 

  • Our knowledge and understanding of the Asian culture can help with the difficult communications between the overseas factory and domestic clients (i.e. language barriers and foreign business etiquette in different cultures).

  • We have an extensive network of foreign business associates across a broad spectrum of industries to aid you on the delicate/sensitive nature of doing business overseas.

Sampling / Evaluating 

  • We know the sampling process and understand cost negotiations can be overwhelming, especially with such a broad spectrum of quality and costs. Our team is highly experienced and able to navigate through the different phases of sampling to help choose the optimal factory for your needs.

  • Once a factory has been selected, we require that several additional iterations of your product are made to ensure that the factory is capable of producing up to and exceeds the quality of your product, with an acceptable error tolerance.

  • Business conducted in China is based on relationships ("Guan Xi"). Without these close relationships, it is difficult to impossible to be successful in that market. ImportLA, Inc has a vast overseas business network overseas to ensure the success of your product.
  • We can source components, gadgets, furniture, equipment, etc. (Our focus is to maintain the high quality U.S. standards in planning and design combined with the substantial cost savings of offshore manufacturing.)

Structure / Plan 

  • Synchronize the quality requirements between the supplier and client.

  • All written procedures are developed, verified and evaluated by US engineers.

  • ImportLA has quality control ("QC") teams throughout select locations in Asia to help facilitate the quality control process.


  • Our QC teams are continuously trained by U.S. personnel on a semi-annual basis.

  • Speed: our QC teams can quickly respond to production ramps and increased scale to meet client deadlines and quick turnaround productions.


  • We have ground teams in China that will be able to visit factories, and grade them based on industry experience.  We can can provide factory visit pictures to our clients.   

  • With many choices in factory partners, we can help clients decipher through to find the appropriate partners tailored to work with your specific needs in addition to steering clients away from the factories with quality control issues or those that are inadequate in fulfilling your needs.

  • Manufacturer capabilities, personnel, management and dynamics will change over time. ImportLA will help audit these manufacturers on a periodic basis to ensure there that quality standards are consistently met or exceeded.

Export / Customs 

  • ImportLA works with one of the biggest export logistics companies in Asia, and through a business relationship of over 20 years, we're able to provide our customers with the most reliable and cost-efficient method of exporting out of the source country.

  • We work with a large network of freight-forwarders that will be able to provide shipping capabilities no matter how remote the factory location is.

Import / Customs 

  • We provide exceptional tracking services. Since shipping containers can take up to 3 weeks from origin to destination port, we are able to coordinate through accurate ETA methods with the destination port to complete all of the required paperwork before the container arrives to minimize lag time at customs.

  • Because of our extensive experience and established relationships, we can help clients streamline the delivery process as new companies often experience delayed entry of products at destination ports. Random x-ray examinations are often conducted by port officials to ensure the products within are deemed safe. The scrutiny of x-ray examinations intensifies with new companies, however because of our experience with customs security, we can help mitigate and reduce these time consuming examinations.

  • Smaller order? No problem. We can have your product ‘piggyback’ off our product shipping containers. This allows you to leverage on our existing logistics of 20’ or 40’ containers while providing cost savings to you.

  • Manage inbound and outbound freight.

  • Manage inbound custom clearance and tariff.

  • Manage inland transportation.




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