Warehousing & Outbound Logistics / Shipping 

  • Because we have a large account with Fedex/UPS and other freight companies, we are able to provide substantial savings in shipping costs whether the client chooses to dropship the product direct to end retail customers or to distributors.

  • Savings up to 55% off the regular quoted prices due to our large volume discount.

Warehousing & Outbound Logistics / Warehousing

  • We have an enormous warehouse that can accommodate and store a wide range of product sizes and configurations.

  • The advantage of using our warehouse is that the client only pays for the amount of space required for the order. We have no minimum requirements and so the amount of warehousing space will be scaled and priced according to your actual need.

  • Warehouse overhead for pick & pack and shipping is one of the single largest expenses for any company's logistics budget. By utilizing our services, we are able to group your orders with others in order to fully maximize the resources to significantly drive costs down.

  • Cost Free Flexibility: We understand throughout the beginning years of a startup, inventories change quite dramatically. With our logistics services, you can grow as quickly or as slowly as you like, all with no additional fees.

Warehousing & Outbound Logistics / Order Tracking System

  • In addition to working as an effective CRM (Customer Relations Management) system, our proprietary order tracking system software is a great tool to track sales.

  • This software has been polished from 3 years of beta-testing based on actual on-the-job scenarios.

  • This software can be readily customized to the client’s preferences unlike other proprietary software currently on the market.

  • Our proprietary software can be linked in with the client’s e-commerce system (if applicable).

  • We are competitively priced. You will not find a better value from any other company. Period.

  • Multiple portals allow the personnel with completely different roles to view only data they are authorized to see. For example, the warehouse managers will only see the order information pertaining to shipping and delivery, while your accounts receivable clerk will be able to see credit sales associated with that same order.

  • Our software integrates advanced inventory management tools to help with your supply chain management.







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