1. Versatile Services: Although we offer a wide variety of services, we can also execute just one of our many services. We do not require our clients to use our full spectrum of services. for example, if they want to just utilize our IT services without sourcing, we can do that. If they want to just use our patent and trademark services, we can only do that as well.

2. Strength of IT: One of our biggest advantages is tying in our IT background with our knowledge of the supply chain. We have a proprietary software order tracking system that can create custom purchase orders of tie in inventory with an online system viewable from anywhere, whether the client is on a business trip and only has access with is blackberry. This allows you to view your sales, manage and update your current inventory and future inventory on the go if necessary.

3. Flexible pricing: Whether you are a startup with limited budget or a seasoned company with the capital backing, we can tailor our services based on your budget.

4. Experienced management: Our multilingual staff can negotiate and manage our overseas factories to the fullest capability. Our officers have both the credentials and experience to help you company to the fullest capability. We have worked with some of the world’s largest and successful companies and have carried that knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

5. Versatile Warehousing and logistics: For companies that start out and do not want to start a heavy initial investment in warehouse space and deal with long leases, etc., we can help! We only charge you on the amount of space you require for your products. This is an excellent opportunity for home-based or small office based businesses since we will handle all the warehousing and logistics. The client can focus on what it does best and let us handle the rest.



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